Gloria Civita

The work began in 1986 It was created in ceramic on a platform measuring 12 x 12 feet in a dedicated studio. The piece won my second McKnight fellowship in 1999.

It began as an Etruscan settlement and then created and destroyed it self through the course of time tracing the history of Roman civilization from 753 BCE through 1453 CE It ended in 1992 and was left on a farm in Avon Minnesota.

Each year on April 21 I celebrated the feast of Pales a ritual of regeneration was performed wiping out the previous years work and facilitating a rebirth. It also garnered awards from The Jerome Foundation, The NEA Arts Midwest and the Bush Foundation.


Created 1976 and 77 commissioned by the Walker Art Center for the exhibition “Scale And Environment, Ten Sculptors” It is held as a part of the museums permanent collections and has been shown only 3 times these images are from the 1999 exhibition when it was shown in solo as a part of the museums closing for renovations. In this presentation it featured an overhead lighting system that showed a 24 hour progression of the days light cycle the cycle was compressed to 20 minutes.

The piece measures 20 feet across and is made of wax.

This River, This Place.


This River This Place is a 35 foot long 15 foot tall 2 foot deep wall installation in the lobby of The 9th Federal Reserve Banks Lobby in Minneapolis. It is created from 270 ceramic blocks measuring 20 x 10 x 22. Each block tells a story of the districts life.

6th Avenue Stroll

Sixth Avenue Stroll is a collection of 23 bronzes set on pillars they are installed along a two block long streetscape in the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood of Minneapolis. Each one is model of one of the founding fathers important building and they include plaques which give those details. It is a part of the cities art in public places program.

Big Muddy The Mighty
Mississippi River

This is a 44 long 4 foot tall encaustic mural tracing the river from Lake Itasca to the Gulf.