Fragilearth was created in the summer of 2010 at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The exhibition was The 2010 McKnight Fellowship Exhibition. It was 20 feet tall and 20 x 8 feet long and wide. It was created in unfired clay on a Styrofoam core and it weighed 3 tons.
The piece like all of my other works was an imaginary world. Every day I worked on site in the gallery creating the cities and stories of Fragilearth. It was live streamed on the internet and was heavily documented. On Friday August 13 in a performance I destroyed Fragilearth. In this destruction there was no new civilization overlapping the previous culture no invaders played out its demise. Instead I played the role of nature wiping the slate clean in a violent performance piece.


The crew at Continental Clay in Minneapolis prepares a 2 ton batch of a unique clay body for the project.

Beginning in late June The crew at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design assists me in carving the Styrofoam blocks into an 18 foot tall 20 foot long armature for the project.

July 1 we moved the forms into the Gallery of The Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Next we covered the forms in our unique clay body.

Fragilearth was surrounded by clouds and our process piece began.

It stood at 20 feet tall on the day of its opening July 9. It was virgin land no buildings or structures existed no stories had been written…yet.

Everyday throughout the exhibitions run I came to the gallery of The College and I created a mythological world populated with thousands of buildings I documented it via live video stream on

The buildings told the stories of Fragilearth, a world unto itself.

But on Friday the 13th the last day of the show.

My crew and I destroyed our world in a violent performance in front of an audience of 200 spectators.

And the next day I removed my massive project from the college.

I was left with a collection of 44 “artifacts” chards taken from the ruins of Fragilearth. I collected the videos and stories and I am working on a book that will describe this wonderful process art experience. The “Ruins” were presented in an exhibition at The Frank Stone Gallery in Minneapolis the following month.

Fragilearth was a part of the McKnight Fellows Exhibition at The Gallery of The Minneapolis College of Art and Design it was active July 9 August 13 2010.