Father, Sculptor, Curator, Public Artist, Educator

Aldo Moroni radiates an aura of freewheeling independence, a compound renegade-folk philosopher. History is his obsession, and everything he makes “is history and about history,” with an emphasis on the “story.” Moroni is a natural storyteller – and fabulist. If things are not what they should be, as he wants them to be, he changes them, recounting his narrative as he pleases, assuming artistic license with a nonchalant shrug as he deftly mixes fact, fiction, and utopian inclinations.
Rooted in community, his work aspires to direct communication with direct appeal and says there is a Red Grooms side to him, referring to the pop artist of cartoonlike, vividly colored, large-scale installations. Moroni is happiest, it seems, when he is making public art and prefers the process to be collaborative, if possible. His credo is that public art has a specific audience and occupies a social space. Therefore, that audience should be considered, if not consulted, when placing art in its environment.


I have been making and exhibiting art for more than 40 years. I have lost count of how many collections I am in, the press I have received and the places I have walked as an artist. I think that’s a good thing. I am a city dweller and so my work is always about architecture, history and urban issues. I am a story teller. I understand urban iconography. Now I am most interested in creating a new social art. An inclusive art that allows the audience to participate in the process.
I have always been a process artist as it relates to performance and post conceptual work. The element of performance is a very important part of my ideology. Permanence and material choice are not a key issues for me. I am interested in the living dialog that my work may create. I am interested in the ways art can enhance our socio- political interactions.
I enjoy a personal dialog with my collectors. In other words I am open to your interests and I am always pleased to work on commissions that are about an open dialog allowing my collectors, curators to be a part my process.
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