This commission is fast becoming one of my all time favorite projects. The family are located  here in Florida. I m in a bit of a miniature art town all on its own. It boasts a cute small museum with a collection of western and eastern arts from all eras. It is also home to the Morean Arts Center the Chihuli Collection and the dali Museum. My clients are major benefactors of the Dali.

They found me on line through the Babylon Project.  they are Chaldeans, Iraqi Christaians who had followed the project over its life span. they contacted me and asked the price of Babylon. I told him A Quarter of a Million he didnt flinch but asked if I was intersted in creating the gates of Ishtar? Indeed I was and I still am. He flew me down here put me in the Vinoy a 4 star and I have had a solid patron ever since. I am here now creating phase 1 of a long term commission that includes gates, pools, fountains, and a dozen other opportunities we expect to be working on the commission for the next 3 years. It’s all real and all top shelf. I love love love  my Medici’s we are making a masterpiece that will become their home.Its actually a compound including two 5000 sq ft homes and gardens situated in the 3 1 piece of real estate in floridas Sun coast. Nice work if you can get it!

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