10,000 TOWERS



It’s a new
public art form, a social art form, an active art form, a Participatory artform. It’s art about you. This is a very simple concept. When I make a tower it is a single action, a work of art. When I teach  10,000 people how to make towers it is an art revolution. It is a revolution 10,000 times more powerful than any single work of art. It is no longer my art. It becomes our art. It is an art of the people and in that I mean all people. We become the definition of community. We become larger than ourselves as our towers represent each individual forming a far more important entity than any of us could ever hopeto be. This is the essence of Ten Thousand  Towers. I will teach 100 artists the methodology of my technique and they in turn will share the methodology with
100 people. They will teach them how to make ceramic garden towers . The outcome of 100 multiplied by 100 is Ten Thousand Towers. You can be a part of this new art form. You can make a tower in our community art project. You will own your tower but first it will be shown along with all of the other 10,000  artists and when we are seen together we will be seen as a community of makers.
This isn’t about art you buy its art you
make.  I am working on creating a web site application that will allow you to register for these classes. Expect to see it here soon.



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